Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Seven Sensational Snake Ideas

Here are seven snake ideas that I have done with different groups of children over the years. Snakes are super easy to draw and make, so there is no excuse!!

1. Pipe Cleaner Counting Snakes
Theses are super easy and great for counting and developing fine motor skills.

2. Seed Pod Snakes
The children really enjoyed painting these seed pods to make curly snakes.

3. Mosaic Snake Mural
I made this mural with children from 4 to 11 years of age. We made the tiles, painted them and then attached the mural to the wall to decorate a courtyard in the school.

Bark Painting
We were talking about Aboriginal Art and therefore experimented with painting on bark and used earthy colours.

Making Patterns On Snakes
I drew a snake on paper and attached it to the light table. The children made patterns with natural materials and crayons.

Snake Geoboard
This is one of the favourite activities in my class. The children use rubber bands to make patterns and shapes on the snake.

Spaghetti Snakes
Every time I put spaghetti in the trolley for the children to cut, manipulate and play with, they always refer to it as 'snakes'. It was a bit of a stretch but nevertheless made the snake ideas list!!

Of course you can always make playdough snakes as well, they are always easy and fun!
I hope you are inspired to make or try one of my snake ideas.

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