Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Paper Plate Nests

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter. We had a beautiful Easter weekend filled with lots of eating and catching up with family and friends. I thought I would share with you a simple nest idea that I made with my class. I like to come up with new ideas every year and try to create activities that the children can do on their own. I must admit that this year I wasn't as prepared as I normally am with regard to making Easter baskets as gifts, so I had to keep it quick and simple!!!

Here it is...
Turn a paper plate upside down. (Small paper plates are the perfect size.)

Cover it with white glue (PVA).

Tear brown craft paper into squares and cover the entire plate.

When dry cut down about 6cm in a cross.

Fold the edges in and overlap as you go and staple.

Fill with shredded paper, add a bird and some eggs.

I know Easter is over but I thought you could pin this idea for next year.

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