Tuesday, 25 September 2012


This week we have been talking about the colour red. I LOVE RED. I get very excited about everything being red but I am not the only one! When all the children are dressed in red and the classroom is drenched in red the scene is impressive.
Red ideas...

Red playdough, roads, traffic signs and cars.

Sorting and counting red dinosaurs.

Red golf ball printing.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Green Day!

I always love talking about colours with my three year olds because we all have a lot of fun. They wear the colour we are talking about with some children wearing every article from their undies through to hair ribbons and hats. We try to eat fruit and veggies that are the same colour and of course all our activities reflect the colour of the week.
I find it so interesting that each colour really changes the mood and often the behaviour of the children and often not the way I would predict.
Green day ideas...

Cooked spaghetti, green glitter paint and green paint. Fantastic for making green prints.

Green pasta, green bottle tops, green cardboard leaf shapes and green foam shapes for threading.

Assorted green leaves to press into playdough, green utensils. green insects and green playdough.