Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Painting Prompts

I love putting out a variety of paints, including water colours, dye and acrylic paints for children to experiment, create, mix and explore. However, sometimes I give them a prompt to challenge them and let them explore different possibilities. These include setting up still life settings like fruit or flowers, cutting the paper into different shapes or drawing shapes or squiggles for children to add and create.

Here is a super cute idea that I did when we were reading and talking about Fairy Tales.
I cut little silver crowns and stapled them on the top of the painting paper.

The children were so excited to paint a King, Queen, Prince or Princess wearing the crown. This was a wonderful language activity as the children were discussing their creations with one another and the staff.

Once dry, we cut them out and put them around our 'Big Tall Tower'.

Do you think your children would enjoy this activity?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Playdough Doughnuts

Here is a fun idea for the playdough table.....chocolate doughnuts!!

Set up your doughnut shop-
I added plastic plates with drawings of doughnuts, glitter, sequins, sparkly shapes and 100's and 1000's. I also added paper bags and playdough of course.

I added the plastic plates with doughnuts to reinforce the numbers 1-6.

The children made the chocolate doughnuts and added the various sprinkles. Some doughnuts went into the bags, others were counted on plates and some were sold to friends at the shop. This is such a simple activity but also is a great fine motor activity, helps children with counting and number recognition, promotes creative play and language and helps reinforce the 'circle' shape.

Mountains of doughnuts were made!!

Mountains of glitter was used!!

...... And lots of fun was had.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Loose Parts In The Playground

Here are some examples of how I have used loose parts in the playground at my school. There are many, many more materials that can be used, but these are easily sourced. Loose parts are fantastic as they are open ended and encourage creativity, imagination and problem solving. The children can move, design and invent uses for the materials and as a result their play is creative, and always evolving.

1. Tree Cookies, Logs, Sticks

2. Rocks, Pebbles

3. Hay Bales

4. Fabric Pieces

5. Cooking Utensils

6. Wood, Bricks

7. Bamboo Tubes

8. Baskets, Nuts, Bark

9. Plastic Tubes, Funnels

10. Electrical Reels

What loose parts do your children love?

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Fairy Fun

We have been having a lot of fun reading Fairy Tales, making fairies, painting Kings and Queens, making magic wands and playing in our Indoor Fairy Garden.
Today I thought I would share a very simple idea for making a fairy.... Suitable for three year olds!!

Pop Stick Fairies

I used hot glue to stick some tulle wings on a jumbo pop stick.

The children twisted some pipe cleaner arms on the pop stick and drew a little face.

They then painted some beautiful fairy clothes with small brushes.

So so cute- don't you think?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Magic Wands

Who doesn't love playing with a magic wand?
Here are two super simple wand ideas that were a big hit in my class.

These wands don't even need glue!!
Let the children wind pipe cleaners around some sticks. Add feathers, beads or wool if your children are old enough to tie the wool.

Abracadabra - ready for magic!!

These next wands need a bit of strong glue to hold all of the sparkly treasures!!!!
I cut out some gold stars and used hot glue to attach them to the stick.

 I put out a variety of different sequins and glitter and let the children decorate their wand however they liked.

What a great fine motor activity for three year olds!
The children loved the wands and played with them both at outdoor time, inside and even held them at rest time!!!!

Thanks for the comments last week. I really appreciate them.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Adorable Rabbits

We have just had two beautiful weeks of school holidays here in Perth and it's back to school this week.

My own children are happy to go back to school and I am excited to go back to work because I have been teaching three year olds for years and they have always attended two half days. As of this week, they will bring their lunch and stay for a full day!!!

After lunch they will have a rest and listen to stories and music. I have bought lovely little mats for them to lie down on but I have also bought them a special little rest time friend to cuddle.

A lovely mum from school embroidered each child's name on a ribbon for me. I tied them around the rabbits necks and they look adorable! Thanks so much Angela- you are amazing!!

I chose these rabbits because they are soft and cute and I thought that they look like the rabbits from the story 'Guess How Much I Love You' and everyone loves that story.

My house looks like it has been taken over by rabbits.

The children will have to find their name on their rabbit, be responsible for looking after their rabbit and at the end of rest time, they will need to put them away in their pocket for next time.

I'm sure the children will love them !!