Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Crafts with a Milk Container

I find it very hard to throw away plastic containers and have a huge stash of ice-cream, yoghurt, take away food containers and various other containers at home and in my classroom. The container that does go into the recycling bin due to the sheer number we go through is the milk container- never with its lid however - I always save those!!
I have shown various ways to use milk containers in the past but this week it has an Easter focus - of course.
Take one milk container......

1. Carefully cut the handle off and get creative with your bunny shape! This was a counting game so I wrote the numbers on the tails. 

The counting game in the water trolley with pebbles.

2. Make a cute basket with a tulle handle to collect yummy Easter treats.

3. Make Easter Bunny necklaces.
Once you have cut out the bunny shapes get the children to trace or draw the rabbits face. Thread it and then some beads or straws to make a very cute Easter necklace.

Happy recycling and Happy Easter x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Outdoor Easter Fun

This week we are having our school Easter party. This is a very exciting time because we not only have delicious Easter treats to eat, an Easter egg hunt and egg and spoon races but we have a special visitor....
It also means the start of the school holidays. Yay !!
The weather is just perfect at the moment and I have been making the most of it by doing many of our activities outside.

Here are two wonderful outdoor Easter activities that are not the usual egg hunt or egg and spoon races. Don't get me wrong, I love them and as I said we will be doing both activities at our Easter party.

The children absolutely loved this activity. Some items I added included...
Recycled bottles- filled with coloured water
Recycled honey containers- draw eggs on them so they are like Easter baskets
Egg cartons- of course
Recycled laundry powder scoops
A variety of nuts and twigs
Recycled cooking utensils and pots and pans

I turned a washing machine box into a little house that is a perfect size for 3 year olds and the Easter Bunny to hide in.
I covered the box, drew a simple Easter picture and put it outside with a selection of paints.
The children painted the house and when it was dry I cut a door and put some pillows in it. The children loved decorating this cute little house and it is a fun little place to sit and play.

Have you done any fun outdoor Easter activities?? I would love to hear about them!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

5 Super Simple Egg Crafts for Little Ones

1. Painting and gluing on large eggs.
What 3 year old doesn't like free painting? I know that this simple activity is one of my children's favourite things to do. They loved painting patterns and designs on their eggs and once they were dry, they decorated their eggs with various collage materials. We painted a large basket while we were outside to hold all of our beautiful eggs.

2. Painting with chocolate pudding and cocoa.
Last year I let the children finger paint with chocolate pudding. This year I let them paint with chocolate pudding and brushes and sprinkle cocoa on top. It was a lovely chocolate scented activity.

3. Counting plastic eggs.
I cut down plastic milk cartons and made them into a simple Easter basket counting game. I put the baskets on the light table with coloured plastic eggs and the children put the correct number of eggs in each basket.

4. Chocolate pudding playdough eggs.
We put the left over chocolate pudding in the basic playdough recipe to create beautiful, silky smooth chocolate playdough. The children spent ages making chocolate eggs and wrapping them in alfoil. The only problem was that the playdough smelt so good that some kiddies just had to taste it !!!

5. Chalk drawing on egg paper.
Chalk is a wonderful versatile drawing material that doesn't have to be used on a blackboard. I put out egg shaped chalk for the children to draw patterns and designs on white egg shaped paper.

I love Easter!! Don't you?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Easter Pebbles

I have a 'wonder table' or 'nature table' permanently set up in the classroom that has beautiful collections of natural materials for the children to use whenever they like and however they like.

I change the main display regularly and sometimes paint or draw on the natural materials so they can be used for a specific purpose.

This week, I painted patterns on 20 pebbles to resemble Easter Eggs. I repeated the pattern so that the pebbles could be used in pairs.

I painted a main colour in an oval shape first.

I them used a few colours to paint some simple patterns.

The children enjoyed finding the matching pairs, counting the eggs, putting them in egg cartons, putting them in small baskets, lining them up and enjoyed having some quiet time holding and looking at the different shapes and patterns.

We also had a lot of fun playing a simple memory game by turning the pebbles over one at a time to find a pair. This was a great language and turn taking activity.

This is a simple activity that doesn't require too much artistic ability and can be used in many different ways.

Have a go at making some of your own Easter Pebbles.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Village Kids Can Make

Last week I showed you a very simple woodwork project that you could do with young children. This week I would like to share the whole village we have been busy making.

We started with a road map.
I roughly marked the roads with tape and then painted with chalkboard paint so the children can put their own road markings on.

The children painted the grass with green edicole dye. This works best if the fabric is wet. The children took turns spraying the mat with water while the other children painted with the green dye.

Then we made our houses.
I covered some cereal boxes, tissue boxes and milk cartons with white paper.

The children printed brick patterns with foam blocks all over their boxes.

The children painted corrugated cardboard for their roof.

Once dry, we decorated with a variety of collage materials and drew our family members in the windows.

Of course we needed people in our village.
The children drew pictures of themselves that I laminated and attached to blocks. On the other side I attached photos of the children.

A village needs trees.
We printed magnificent leaves, laminated them and attached them to blocks as our beautiful trees.

Finally, we made our beautiful woodwork cars.

And voila !!

Each step of the way the children have thoroughly enjoyed the process, but have LOVED playing with the final project.