Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Water Trolley Number Fun!!

I bought these fantastic scissor grip scoops recently and thought they would be wonderful to teach and reinforce correct scissor grip and could be used with pom poms, bottle tops, rice, peas, sand- really anything!!! Recently, I used them in the water trolley with ping pong balls for a fun fine motor and number recognition activity.

Here are the scoops!!

I wrote the numbers 1-10 on ping pong balls.

I also wrote the numbers 1-10 on plastic cups and tied them together with string.

After tying them across the middle of the water trolley, I filled the trolley with water.

The children tried to pick up the balls with the scissor scoops and then put them in corresponding cups.

Tip them out and start again...

The children absolutely  loved this activity - you should try it!!


  1. This looks fun filled activity, going to have this with the kids at home and hope that they will love it as well. Thank you for sharing it and keep posting more such posts

  2. wow this game is very happy i want play it.


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