Monday, 19 September 2016

Fishing for Names

This is a great outdoor activity that involves three of my favourite things- water, recycling and STICKS!!

Cut out fish shapes from any plastic container and write the children's names on the fish with a permanent marker. Using a hole punch, make holes for the eyes - the bigger the better!!! Fill up the water trolley with water and let the fun begin!!
The children then made their own fishing rods and tried to catch the fish that had their own name.

The fishing rods were made by winding a pipe cleaner around a stick and bending a little hook on the end.

This was a tricky activity but a fun way for the children to identify their name - even if some children caught the fish with their hands! This could be done with letters of the alphabet, numbers, colours or just as a fine motor activity.
Have fun


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Frozen Dye Art

All children love playing with, watching and experimenting with ice. Here is a 'STEAM' activity incorporating art and science. The children talked about water, ice, melting, pattern, design, colour, time, name just a few concepts!! This is my favourite type of activity as the children all want to participate, explore, discuss and most importantly learn while playing and creating.

They loved it!!!

I froze small fish, sharks and whales in blue and green edicole dye.

 I used icy pole containers and put one, two or three sea creatures in each until the fins were sticking out the top. These were our handles.

The children painted with the frozen dye.

Once the dye had melted, the children played with the sea creatures in the fish bowl.

Have fun