Tuesday, 25 February 2014

10 Sensational Stick Activities

I love using natural materials in my programme and try to incorporate them across all learning areas.
Here are TEN sensational ways to use sticks to enhance the learning experience.     

1. Making letters with STICKS

2. STICK wands

3. STICKS in the block area

4. Small world play including STICKS

5. STICK dominoes

6. Painting with and on STICKS

7. Ordering STICKS according to length

8. Making pictures with STICKS

9. STICKS for stirring mud pies

10. STICKS in the playdough

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Letter Recognition

We all know that it is so important to provide our young children with a variety of activities to help develop their fine motor skills.

This is a great activity that is simple to make and can be used on the light table or on any flat surface. It is a wonderful fine motor activity and also helps the child identify the first letter of their name.

I used large confetti but you could use circle stickers or just cut up small pieces of paper and form the first letter of your child's name. If you are making this activity for one child, you could of course, make every letter of their name.

I made the letters to use on the light table at school so I glued the confetti in laminating sheets. You could use clear contact or cardboard if you don't need it to be transparent.

Encourage the children to try and find the first letter of their name,  and using their thumb and pointer finger, place any of the objects on the circles, one at a time. Discussions on the letter name, the sound the letter makes, the colours and counting the objects as they put them down would further enhance the learning experience .
Sample of the activity on a table ...Pom poms, counters, lids, buttons

Sample of the activity on the light table ...... Bottle tops, pom poms, counters, glass pebbles

Have fun and let me know how you go.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

First Day of School Photos

Every year I take photos of my beautiful 3 year olds on their first day of Pre-Kindy. In the past, we have decorated photo frames, put their photos on the cover of special books or attached the photos to drawings of themselves.

This year I decided to try something different. That's one thing about me- I always try to think of different ways to do things. 
I took photos of every child on their first day. I wrote their name and a comment in a speech bubble next to their photo and laminated them.
The children used some plastic string (the easiest material for three year olds to handle) and threaded exactly what they wanted.

Some of the materials used for threading......
Wooden beads, plastic beads, threading pom poms, patty cases, pasta (dyed and glittered!!)
You could use... felt, cardboard shapes, straws, washers, paper....

I attached the childrens photos somewhere along the length of threading. Some at the top, some in the middle or at the bottom. I attached some crepe tassels to the bottom and hung them from the roof. I think they are beautiful and a bit different.

I can't show you close ups of this activity as it has photos of my class members so you have to use your imagination this week.
Of course this could be made at home for any age child and hung anywhere around the house.

Thanks for all of your comments last week...I really appreciate it.
Niccola x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Playing with rocks

I am always looking for ways to incorporate natural materials into my program at school. I always have a basket of pebbles on hand for the children to use in the block area, on the wonder table, light table or in the outdoor area.

I have painted pictures on pebbles previously for the children to use as story prompts or to add to play situations.

This is a simple activity using pebbles that you can make yourself to help your child learn their numbers.

Paint a red circle on each pebble.

Paint the lady birds head and wings.

Paint the dots on the wings and the corresponding number on the back of the lady bird.

These pebbles can be used to help your child with their counting, to help them with number recognition, or they could be added to the blocks or construction area for children to play with.

Have a go at making your own or contact me if you live locally and would like a set.