Tuesday, 11 February 2014

First Day of School Photos

Every year I take photos of my beautiful 3 year olds on their first day of Pre-Kindy. In the past, we have decorated photo frames, put their photos on the cover of special books or attached the photos to drawings of themselves.

This year I decided to try something different. That's one thing about me- I always try to think of different ways to do things. 
I took photos of every child on their first day. I wrote their name and a comment in a speech bubble next to their photo and laminated them.
The children used some plastic string (the easiest material for three year olds to handle) and threaded exactly what they wanted.

Some of the materials used for threading......
Wooden beads, plastic beads, threading pom poms, patty cases, pasta (dyed and glittered!!)
You could use... felt, cardboard shapes, straws, washers, paper....

I attached the childrens photos somewhere along the length of threading. Some at the top, some in the middle or at the bottom. I attached some crepe tassels to the bottom and hung them from the roof. I think they are beautiful and a bit different.

I can't show you close ups of this activity as it has photos of my class members so you have to use your imagination this week.
Of course this could be made at home for any age child and hung anywhere around the house.

Thanks for all of your comments last week...I really appreciate it.
Niccola x

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