Tuesday 18 February 2014

Letter Recognition

We all know that it is so important to provide our young children with a variety of activities to help develop their fine motor skills.

This is a great activity that is simple to make and can be used on the light table or on any flat surface. It is a wonderful fine motor activity and also helps the child identify the first letter of their name.

I used large confetti but you could use circle stickers or just cut up small pieces of paper and form the first letter of your child's name. If you are making this activity for one child, you could of course, make every letter of their name.

I made the letters to use on the light table at school so I glued the confetti in laminating sheets. You could use clear contact or cardboard if you don't need it to be transparent.

Encourage the children to try and find the first letter of their name,  and using their thumb and pointer finger, place any of the objects on the circles, one at a time. Discussions on the letter name, the sound the letter makes, the colours and counting the objects as they put them down would further enhance the learning experience .
Sample of the activity on a table ...Pom poms, counters, lids, buttons

Sample of the activity on the light table ...... Bottle tops, pom poms, counters, glass pebbles

Have fun and let me know how you go.


  1. I love the idea of doing this on the light table! Pinning this because we still need some work on letter recognition before kindergarten! :)

  2. We don't have a light table, but this is definitely a great hands on idea for learning to recognize letters. My little ones will have such fun.
    I would love if you could stop by and share with Toddler Idea Tuesday.
    Have a great evening.

  3. No light tabel? a glass window on a door can be fun.