Tuesday, 22 April 2014

15 Practical PEG Projects

I love recycling and using things that can be found around the house to make simple and amazing crafts like the ideas on this list.
Here are 15 wonderful activities and ideas using PEGS that can be used at home or in the classroom.

1. Colour sorting with PEGS.
Children use pegs to pick up and sort pom poms according to colour. A great fine motor activity.

2. Painting with cotton wool and PEGS.

3. PEG names on boxes.
Write the childrens names on boxes and individual letters on the pegs. Children try to make their name by pegging the letters on the box.

4. Holiday PEG box.
Write activities on the pegs and children select one a day to complete. A great boredom buster.

5. PEG Legs.
Children match the patterns and peg onto the cats body.

6. PEGGING on a clothes line.
Socks, material scraps, dolls clothes or ribbons can be washed and hung out.

7. Christmas reindeer with PEG legs.
Children count 4 legs for the reindeer to create a Christmas scene.

8.PEG gift cards.
Use decorated pegs to attach gift cards.

9. Using PEGS to decorate dinosaurs.
Pegs can be used to create spikes and legs on dinosaurs.

10. PEGGING names on cards.

11. Painted PEGS with names and words to display childrens work.

12. Cute PEG people.
Children can attach arms and legs onto little people. Great for language and to promote play.

13. PEG bunting.
Children use pegs to make a number bunting.

14. Using PEGS to attach alphabet leaves to branches.
Write the letters of the alphabet on leaves and get children to peg them on the branch.

15. PEGS with leaves provide a cute Easter counting activity.
Children peg the leaves onto the nests and put the correct number of chicks in the nest.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ways I have used PEGS at school and at home. 
Happy pegging and pinning.
Niccola x


  1. Cute! And VERY Creative! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop!

  2. Love all these cute ideas. TFS!

  3. Great ideas:) My girls were always fond of pegs but now they will love them...

  4. Very nice ideas..... I ll do all these activities with my nephew.

  5. I made a game with a shoe box and clothe spins. I took a small shoe box and used round stickers and wrote the uppercase letters on them and stuck them to the box. I took clothes pins and wrote the uppercase letters on them and the children had to match the letters with the letters on the box. Also I wrote the lowercase letters on another set of clothes pins and they had to fine the uppercase to go with it's lowercase friend.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sandie. I look forward to trying that.