Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Activities With Friends

As I often have new children starting in my Kindy class throughout the year as the children turn three, I am always looking for activities to promote friendship in the group. I try to think of activities and games that involve the children using each other's names to stimulate conversation and encourage play.

Here are some examples of activities that I have done recently to promote little friendships in the group and learning each other's names.

Say Cheese!!
A fun camera to take some happy snaps of their friends.
The children glued coloured cellophane to the lens of their camera and then I laminated them. They used their cameras both inside and outside to take photos of their friends. They were calling their friends and telling them to 'smile' and to 'say cheese'
This was so cute and every child loved playing with their camera.

Rolling a Painted Ball to a Friend
This was a fun and very messy activity!
The children worked with a friend and dipped a large spikey ball into paint and then rolled the ball to each other in a large flat box. They made beautiful spotty printed paper together and there were lots of laughs and squeals of delight when rolling the ball to their friend.

Pretty Paper Friends
This was a simple and fun activity that stimulated a lot of conversation amongst the group. The children decorated the paper people to represent their friends or family. One of the things I love about three year olds is that they are friends with everyone and the paper people they were decorating were different friends by the time the children went home.

All of these activities helped the children learn their friends names and were a lot of fun for everyone.
Why don't you try one or all of these activities at home or in your classroom?

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