Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mother's Day Activities

It is Mother's Day this Sunday here in Australia. At school we have been very busy making some cute presents for our Mums.
Every year I try to think of different ideas but it can be quite challenging to think of activities that 3 year olds can manage on their own.

I always love photos, and this year I took cute photos of the children holding a giant red heart with a red backdrop. I then mounted them on red and white spotty paper and voila- they would melt any Mums heart.

We also used some air dried clay to roll balls ( well sort of ball shapes!! ) This was a great fine motor activity for 3 year olds. Each child tried to roll 3 or 4 balls by themselves and then I used a skewer to put a whole in them.

They were dry enough the following day to paint. They threaded their beads on the skewer and painted them all gold- Mums love gold! Older children could paint each bead a different colour. Perhaps a range of pastel colours.

 We thread the beads in a pattern with other wooden beads on coloured thread. I think they look pretty good.

We made simple wrapping paper that the children loved and it smelt good too. We spread shaving cream in the bottom of the tray and then children added pink and purple paint to the shaving cream and spread it around with paint brushes.

The cards were also simple and the children were able to do this themselves too. I cut bubble wrap into heart shapes and the children printed them with white paint onto pink cards. I wrote a personal message on every card about why the children love their Mums.

The finished present.

I'm sure the Mums will love their hand made gifts.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mums celebrating on Sunday.


  1. Hi Niccola,
    I would lov e to make necklaces with my class of 3 and 4's and I was wondering where you sourced the wooden beads?

    1. Hi Ronnie I actually found some at Spotlight and some at some discount shops. I always buy big beads that are not only easy to thread but can't be a choking hazard.
      I hope you find some.