Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Number Houses

This is a really fun way to teach young children the numbers from 1-5. It is a hands on, play based activity that teaches the child to recognise the individual numbers, match the numbers, put the numbers in the correct order and count the correct number of counters for each car.

 I had 5 plastic bottles lying around at home and began by washing them and taking off the labels. I then cut them down with a craft knife and used scissors to cut door ways out of them. Make sure you cut the door ways big enough to fit the cars you are using.

I then drew some windows and plants with a permanent marker, and of course the numbers from 1-5.
I was planning on using this activity on the light table but you could use it anywhere, even in the sand pit!

I used some little plastic trucks I had in the classroom which were a perfect size. I stuck the numbers 1-5 on the trucks, added a paper street, some trees and some coloured counters and we were ready to play.

The children put the houses in the correct order and drove the trucks and cars into the matching house. I encouraged the children to count the correct number of counters and put them in the trucks.

The only problem we had was that everyone wanted to play at the light table all at the same time!
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  1. This idea could be used for letters and sight words too! Good thinking! And it all looks lovely on the light table!

  2. Great idea. Very creative!

  3. This is such a great idea. Love the drawings on the bottles too.
    I will be featuring this on tomorrows Serenity Saturday link party

    natasha x