Tuesday 8 January 2013

Play on Tuesday

I was dying to have a go at using some chalkboard paint these holidays. I really wanted to paint some blocks for school, that the children could create houses and people. I am always looking for ways to enhance play in the block area and thought that this would promote fine motor skills, language, problem solving and creativity to name just a few benefits. The only blocks we had at home were far too small for little fingers, so I used a wood glue to stick them together - Problem solved!

After gluing them together I gave them a coat of chalkboard paint. (While this was drying, I had a go at painting on glass and plastic which will feature in another post.)

My son had fun decorating!

We made some signs out of craft wood and pegs.

Our spectacular peg car.

Thanks for the inspiration, Strong Start

The finished product!

Last weeks post featured the "Holiday Idea Box" which has been a huge hit in our house and my kids can't wait to choose a peg every couple of days. We have had fun swimming together, cooking together and below is our 'crafting together' project.

After lots of brainstorming we decided to make a family game of checkers. We used a piece of rubber backed fabric (any plain fabric would be fine) and milk and orange juice lids, that I constantly collect, to produce this game with no cost at all.

Before you begin drawing up your grid you need to know the size of your checker pieces. You could just cut cardboard circles, use buttons or recycled lids like we did. I cut an old kitchen sponge , smaller than the squares because it expands as you push down. My oldest son printed the grid with fabric paint (but any paint would be fine) . You need 8x8 squares for a full grid.

Fortunately we had enough lids to have two matching sets. The orange set were super heros and the green were monsters. We used a permanent marker to ensure they didn't smudge.

For such a simple game our family has played it and played it over the last week and really enjoyed spending time together!

I love reading your comments and feedback, so thanks for following the blog and a big thanks for all your kind words.

See you next Tuesday...


  1. I love both ideas! I would never have thought to paint blocks with chalkboard paint.

  2. What fun! I love both these ideas and know my 3 year old would enjoy the chalkboard blocks. I especially love the "road signs".

  3. I absolutely love both of these ideas! The chalkboard homes are so sweet and great for imaginative play. We have a tone of bottle caps I've been saving up so this just might be a project for us :) Found you on Delicately Constructed linky party. Would also love to invite you to share this post in our Share It Saturday linky party. SO many great ideas there and yours would fit right in! http://www.sugaraunts.com/2013/01/share-it-saturday-1-12-13.html

  4. Great ideas! Pinned. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library.

  5. I looove the blocks! I kinda want some for myself, I don't even have kids!

  6. What a great idea those blocks are. Pinning now!

  7. I love both of these ideas!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!

  8. Thanks for sharing on Eco Kids! I am featuring your checkers idea! I love it!

  9. What a fun idea to make your own checkers board and pieces! Thanks for linking up! I'm featuring this at my link party tonight!

  10. Thanks for adding your idea to We Built This. I love chalkboard blocks.

  11. What great ideas!! I love the chalkboard blocks. It adds so much more creativity and skills to open play. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  12. this is utterly brilliant - especially sticking the blocks together.

  13. We wanted to let you know we are featuring you this week on Share It Saturday! Stop by tomorrow an check it out. Be sure to link up some more of your posts...We look forward to hearing from you again!
    Colleen www.sugaraunts.com

  14. Saw this featured at I Can Teach My Child and just wanted to say that I love this idea! Very versatile and creative!

  15. This is such a super cute & clever activity! Thanks for linking it up at TGIF!

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    Have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =-)

  16. What a fabulous idea - you always inspire me! I have a can of chalkboard paint in the cupboard just waiting for action.

    We're focused on building & construction ideas at this week's Empty Your Archive - do hope you'll pop over and link up ...


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