Tuesday, 25 September 2012


This week we have been talking about the colour red. I LOVE RED. I get very excited about everything being red but I am not the only one! When all the children are dressed in red and the classroom is drenched in red the scene is impressive.
Red ideas...

Red playdough, roads, traffic signs and cars.

Sorting and counting red dinosaurs.

Red golf ball printing.


  1. Ohhh, good idea using golf balls for the painting! I've only ever used marbles but this would be a great way to do two paintings and then compare the two images! I'm going to try this red painting idea for Valentine's Day this year!

  2. Niccola, Just found your site and love it! I wish you could add an e-mail option so that I could receive your newsletter/blog daily in my inbox. I looked to see if you were on Facebook or Twitter, but didn't see the icons. Are you on Pinterest? I would love to follow you (here are my boards: http://pinterest.com/carlaroni/)
    Carla M