Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Peg People

As it is the start of the school year, I have had a few children that have been a bit upset and have taken a while to settle into a full day program. I wanted them to be able to make something fun in the morning that they could play with throughout the day and also take home to play with.
I came up with the idea of little peg people.
This activity involved collage, drawing, counting, colouring, lots of language, playing and FUN!!! 
They loved them.
I used very simple collage as it is the start of the year and the children in my class are only 3 years old.

They glued a head to the body, added some clothes and drew on a face.

Next we put them through the laminator for durability.

Then the children counted their peg arms and legs.

We helped them complete their little people by adding some hair, some ribbons and they coloured some shoes.

In their block home...

In their beds....

I think they are pretty cute and they children absolutely loved them.
Keep this activity in mind when you are looking for simple- start of the year activities with your little ones.


  1. Niccola what a great idea. I have been collecting little containers to try this idea in the link below - I think it will be a useful settling tool for my groups of 3year olds too.

    1. Hi Robbie. Thanks for the link- I checked it out and it looks great!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Peg people! Adorable! Pinned to the practical mondays board:)