Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Quick and Easy Magic Bag

We are back at school after a beautiful long holiday, refreshed and recharged and ready to go.
I have been busy working on our natural play area for a large part of the holidays, trying to write my book and preparing for a second teaching job......busy, busy but a lot of fun!!

I have made new labels, birthday charts (check it out here), badges, playdough and a very simple magic bag.
I thought I would share the magic bag tutorial as it is quick to make and a very useful teaching resource for the start of the year. I hide toys, books, puppets...really anything in the magic bag, do a quick magic spell and voila- you have every child interested and paying attention.

This is perfect if you cannot sew or are short of time.

1. Buy a plain calico shopping bag. (These are around $1)

2. I painted mine but you could leave it plain to save time.

3. Cut out some stars, circles, lightening bolts or any simple shapes.

4. Iron some adhesive paper to the back, put in position and iron to attach.

5. Add a little glitter glue for some extra sparkle and I added some pom poms!

    You could also tie on some bells or ribbons. Get creative!!!

Goodluck if you are starting back at school this week!

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