Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hand Drawn Decorative Border Patterns

I have spent a bit of time recently drawing some borders to use in the classroom. I ended up designing 15 borders but could have done lots more, as I absolutely loved just sitting drawing. It would definitely be one of my favourite hobbies. I have put them on Teachers Pay Teachers so you can download and use them in your classroom.

The borders can be used to frame a variety of children's work- paintings, drawings, collage, written work or photos. Teachers can use these hand drawn borders for classroom signs, notes or messages.
Colour them, paint them enlarge them, reduce them or draw on them......Get creative!!

I designed several different themes. 

Some examples of how to use the borders....
Colour them for classroom signs...
Paint them...
I hope you like them!!
Until next time,


  1. Hi~ Just wanted to leave a quick note to say I love your BORDERS! Not sure how I'll use them yet, but I'm NOT artistic at ALL so I pinned them as I know they'll come in handy maybe to notes hanging outside the door or similar. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    1. Thank you so much Dana for leaving such a nice comment. It is really nice to get some feedback!! Niccola

  2. Hi Niccola - how clever you are!!!! I have just purchased these on Teachers pay teachers and have the pencils and textas out ready to colour them in...later...when all the other jobs are done! I am wondering if you would do two templates to order? I have two themes - one for each of my class names, that would be very useful to use this year.

  3. Hi Robbie. You made my day!! Thank you so much for purchasing my borders. Unfortunately I won't be able to custom design any more borders at the moment as I have taken a second teaching job and am very busy. All the best. Niccola

  4. No problem Niccola - all the best with your extra job... hoping you still get time to blog each week as I love seeing your posts.

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