Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Father's Day Mugs

It's Father's Day this Sunday here in Australia, so at school we have been busy making cards, wrapping paper and presents for our wonderful Dads. As you know, I like to try different ideas, use different materials and try not to repeat activities. This can be quite a challenge when thinking of activities for three year olds!!!

I started this activity with a plan that quickly changed once I started. My original idea was to let the children draw onto the mugs with the porcelain pen, however they would have smudged their design and it would had been very tricky to draw on the curved surface. I then thought the children could do hand prints with porcelain paint. Instead, I asked the children to draw their Dad on a piece of paper and I transferred their design using carbon paper onto the mug. They watched their drawing come to life on their mug.

1. Take a mug, a porcelain pen, your design and some carbon paper.

2. Trace the design onto the mug using the carbon paper.

3. Using the porcelain pen, go over the design.

4. Let the paint set for 24 hours and then bake in the oven according to the instructions.

Now we just have to wrap them in the beautiful paper we made, attach our cards and they are ready to go!!
I'm sure the Dads will love them.

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