Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Painting Prompts

I love putting out a variety of paints, including water colours, dye and acrylic paints for children to experiment, create, mix and explore. However, sometimes I give them a prompt to challenge them and let them explore different possibilities. These include setting up still life settings like fruit or flowers, cutting the paper into different shapes or drawing shapes or squiggles for children to add and create.

Here is a super cute idea that I did when we were reading and talking about Fairy Tales.
I cut little silver crowns and stapled them on the top of the painting paper.

The children were so excited to paint a King, Queen, Prince or Princess wearing the crown. This was a wonderful language activity as the children were discussing their creations with one another and the staff.

Once dry, we cut them out and put them around our 'Big Tall Tower'.

Do you think your children would enjoy this activity?

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