Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sensory Spaghetti

This is a super easy, fun and inexpensive sensory activity that little children will LOVE!!!

To make sensory spaghetti, I bought the cheapest spaghetti from the supermarket. I boiled it for a few minutes less than the recommended time so it was quite firm, drained it and put it in four plastic bags.
I added a few drops of food colouring and a few drops of olive oil into the hot pasta and mixed it by shaking the bag.

I added different containers, scissors, chop sticks, tongs and cooking utensils and put it all in the water trolley.

Some children wanted to keep the spaghetti as it was in neat piles according to the colour but that only lasted a few minutes!!!
Soon the fun began...

Children were busy cutting, picking up, filling containers, talking, sharing, feeling, squashing, role playing, making discoveries and experimenting.....

This activity held the children's attention for a long time. It was a great sensory activity that provided many learning opportunities. When we finish playing with it, we can throw it to the chickens to eat, for more fun and learning.


  1. My kids would love this! Would love for you to link this up at Made for Kids link party http://www.theresourcefulmama.com/made-for-kids-link-party-1/

  2. I have seen this before and always wondered how it was made! It is so easy....I can't believe I have not done it! Thanks for linking up at #made4kdis. See you next Sunday!