Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Gingerbread Man

I love to put on stories at school and draw the scene as it unfolds. My class have a few favourites and I have even put two of them on YouTube.... 
This is a new favourite and so I thought I would draw the story on a plastic tablecloth so the children could tell the story using playdough.

The Gingerbread Man- Playdough Activity

Attach the tablecloth to the table with tape so it is as taut as possible.
I drew the characters and events according to the story my class are familiar with, from a Playschool CD.

I then added rolling pins, buttons, goggly eyes, cookie cutters and of course, gingerbread playdough.
We played the story, listened, talked, rolled, created, role played, told the story and smelled the delicious playdough!!!

The Gingerbread Man- Cooking

You can't enjoy the story without making some delicious treats to take home!!!

The Gingerbread Man- Painting

Some very attractive Gingerbread Men!!

I ended up eating way too many Gingerbread Men and they were delicious! You should definitely share this lovely experience with your kids- my class loved it.

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