Tuesday 30 June 2015

Save Your Plastic Bottles

Any regular readers of my blog would know that I hate throwing away anything and love to repurpose and recycle everything.
Every time we finish a bottle of juice at home, I wash the bottle and put it in my garage. Luckily, I have a big garage and a patient husband!! When I get to 20, I take them to school and use them for something. I have written other blog posts about recycling plastic bottles in the past. 

I set out to make something that didn't eventuate, but this activity shows you that the learning that goes on in the process is more important than the finished product.

I numbered the bottles and lids from 1-20. 
This was a great maths activity...
-The children had to identify and match the numbers on the bottles to the lids
-They counted the bottles 
-Put them in order on the floor
-Chose their favourite number
-Talked about the numbers

This was a great fine motor activity...
-The children used spoons and funnels for rice
-Used their fingers to put pom poms, match sticks, straws and small pieces of paper in the narrow bottle opening
-Screwed the lids on the bottles,

This was a great language activity...
-We played our shakers to many different songs, danced with them, and experimented with tempo
-We sat in a circle and thought of many different things to do with our bottles....looked through them, held them behind our backs, put them on different body parts and balanced them on our hands....etc....

I originally collected the bottles to make a bowling pins for a bowling game. That didn't eventuate as the children wanted to take their number bottles home before we had a chance.
Simply filling the bottles would have been a successful and fun activity. 
It goes to show that sometimes the simplest activities are the best!!

Start saving your plastic bottles!

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