Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Magic Wands

Who doesn't love playing with a magic wand?
Here are two super simple wand ideas that were a big hit in my class.

These wands don't even need glue!!
Let the children wind pipe cleaners around some sticks. Add feathers, beads or wool if your children are old enough to tie the wool.

Abracadabra - ready for magic!!

These next wands need a bit of strong glue to hold all of the sparkly treasures!!!!
I cut out some gold stars and used hot glue to attach them to the stick.

 I put out a variety of different sequins and glitter and let the children decorate their wand however they liked.

What a great fine motor activity for three year olds!
The children loved the wands and played with them both at outdoor time, inside and even held them at rest time!!!!

Thanks for the comments last week. I really appreciate them.

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  1. What a fun idea! I especially love the pipe cleaner ones - so easy!