Monday 13 April 2015

Rope People

I love school holidays. We are half way through and are having such a relaxing time. My daughter finished her crocheted blanket, my son is doing a painting for a school art project and my youngest is in the process of making a teepee. 

I did a workshop with Juliet Robertson on Saturday and learnt so many wonderful things and feel so inspired. 

My sister is an art teacher and we spend countless hours talking, crafting, and sharing ideas for our schools and homes.
Yesterday she popped in for a coffee and crocheted me another basket for school while I made some little rope people. All was completed by the time we had finished our drinks!!

The rope people can be played with in the sand, garden, block area...or really anywhere!!
They could be used in so many ways from story telling, games, ordering, counting, role playing or even throwing and catching. 
This is the rope I used. 

I hope we inspired you to do some 30 minute craft.


  1. I LOVE these rope people. I am inspired to run right out for the rope. I am wondering what you used to decorate the legs. The yellow "feet" look like tape. What did you use for the reddish colored ankle on the other doll? Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.

    1. Hi Kim. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment. I just used a little coloured cotton for the red feet and I painted the yellow feet. I used wool and string for the hair. As you can tell, I used whatever I had lying around at that time. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  2. I love these and I'm sure children would love them too! Some-one special to carry around in your pocket