Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Fishing For Names

I teach a class of three and four year old children and at the moment I am working on lots of name recognition activities. 
This is a great outdoor activity that involves three of my favourite things- water, recycling and STICKS!!

Using an empty plastic milk container, I cut out various fish shapes and wrote each child's name on a fish. I punched holes for eyes (the bigger the better) and put them in the water trolley.
The children then had to make their own fishing rod and catch their name fish!!!

The fishing rods were made by winding a pipe cleaner around a stick and bending a little hook on the end.

This was a tricky activity but a fun way for the children to find and identify their name- even if some caught the fish with their hands! This could be done with letters of the alphabet, numbers, colours or just as a fine motor activity.
Have fun


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