Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Crochet Prints in Playdough

A lovely little girl in my class would often get dropped to school by her Grandma and she told me she loved to crochet. I asked her if she could possibly make me some coloured crocheted circles to use in the classroom, and she whipped up some beautiful circles. I told her that it didn't matter what size they were or what colours they were.

The children have used them in the block area, with little animals, with figurines and on the wonder table with painted pebbles. They love to stack them up, spread them out or use them as stepping stones.

The other day I had some lovely strawberry scented playdough and added various utensils, including rolling pins on the playdough table. Before I knew it, the children were getting the crocheted circles and using them on the playdough table to make some beautiful prints.

I love it when children initiate their play and learning by finding uses for materials on offer.

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