Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Recycled Fruit Trays

I use egg cartons all the time in my classroom in many different ways, but the other day I saw these at the fruit and veggie shop and thought- these are brilliant!! 
Why haven't I used these before? Luckily for me, the shopkeeper said they were for the bin so I took a few. I love recycling!

Cardboard Fruit Trays
I am constantly putting out alphabet games and activities in my classroom and these fruit trays have 27 indentations!! They were made for alphabet games and sorting activities.

You could use bottle tops with the alphabet, magnetic letters, pebbles with letters.....the list goes on. You could also add tongs or tweezers. You could have coloured letters, or a combination of upper and lower case to increase the complexity of the activity.

I cut up an old fish mobile and wrote the letters on the fish.

I also wrote the alphabet on some shells.

As I had collected a few trays, I decided to set a shop in the outdoor area as well.

Next time you are doing your shopping, look out for some trays.

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