Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Santa Pop Sticks

Here are some quick counting Santa's to make with or for your child. These counting Santa pop sticks could be used in a variety of ways.

Children could ...put them in the correct order
                        ...play with them in the block area
                        ...use them in playdough
                        ...count with them
                        ...identify the numbers
                        ...put them in trucks
                        ...attach them to boxes, cylinders or stands
                        ...make a Santa village
                        ...play with them !!

You will need 10 large pop sticks and some red, black and white acrylic paint.

This is how I painted them.

I hope you enjoy making some counting Santa's and that your child has fun learning with them.


  1. Brilliant! I have a pinterest board (jbmumofone) called Learn to Play and Play to Learn. Have pinned to this as well as our Monday Parenting #pinitparty board. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Loved the idea.. these pop sticks look so cute! In addition to the points you mentioned, these can also be used as bookmarks, right? Would love to have one of these colorful guys poking out of my book! Reminds me of a similar Santa nail art activity I picked up from this list of kids activities for Christmas I found online.. my daughter actually tried it out and loved the end result. And even though Xmas is over, I am going to try out this activity of yours as well before the year ends, looks so inviting.. Thank you & Cheers!