Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Classroom Restaurant

The children in my class love role playing and dressing up. I love setting up different themed areas for the children to play in and we currently have a Post Office and a restaurant.
The restaurant has been a lot of fun and has provided the children with lots of hands on, valuable learning experiences.

After playing in our classroom restaurant, we decided to make some pizzas for our morning tea. The children were the chefs first and made some delicious pizzas, and then they were customers in the classroom restaurant.

Our classroom Restaurant 
A table in our restaurant with our 'pretend pizza'.

Making Aprons
We needed some dress-ups for our restaurant and I had a large roll of perfect material.
A lovely mother who is a whiz on the sewing machine very kindly sewed the children's aprons for us once the children had printed their hand-prints with fabric paint.

She made cute little chefs hats as well - BIG THANKS Angela!!

Pizza Making
We made some delicious pizzas for our morning tea. Three and four year olds don't like a lot of toppings - mainly cheese!!

Until next Tuesday - happy playing!!

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  1. This is really inspirational and different way to paint and make your own impression on other's mind. I love this so much.