Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tree Trunks and Play!

A couple of weeks ago my neighbours had a team of tree loppers in to trim some of their magnificent Australian Gum Trees. I have been collecting twigs, branches, stumps and bark for school but have had trouble getting someone to cut me "tree cookies." 
I ran over and they agreed to cut me some slices of branches that they had already cut.

I love these because they can be used for anything. They stimulate curiosity, imagination, thinking, problem solving, creativity and a sense of wonder.
They provide a wonderful sensory experience and are a perfect platform to stimulate play situations.

So far we have used the "tree cookies" in a variety of ways, both inside and outside the classroom.

Simple Stepping Stones that can be easily moved and used with other outdoor resources.

I put them in the block and construction area.

Of course they are a fabulous addition to the sandpit.

I put them in the playdough area which provides a lovely invitation to play.

Good luck with getting some "tree cookies" to inspire some lovely nature based play in your home or classroom.


  1. I love nature-based activities. You could use these for so many different things!

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