Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Village Kids Can Make

Last week I showed you a very simple woodwork project that you could do with young children. This week I would like to share the whole village we have been busy making.

We started with a road map.
I roughly marked the roads with tape and then painted with chalkboard paint so the children can put their own road markings on.

The children painted the grass with green edicole dye. This works best if the fabric is wet. The children took turns spraying the mat with water while the other children painted with the green dye.

Then we made our houses.
I covered some cereal boxes, tissue boxes and milk cartons with white paper.

The children printed brick patterns with foam blocks all over their boxes.

The children painted corrugated cardboard for their roof.

Once dry, we decorated with a variety of collage materials and drew our family members in the windows.

Of course we needed people in our village.
The children drew pictures of themselves that I laminated and attached to blocks. On the other side I attached photos of the children.

A village needs trees.
We printed magnificent leaves, laminated them and attached them to blocks as our beautiful trees.

Finally, we made our beautiful woodwork cars.

And voila !!

Each step of the way the children have thoroughly enjoyed the process, but have LOVED playing with the final project.