Sunday, 29 September 2013

Making an Outdoor Bunting

In the past I have endeavored to bring elements of nature inside for the children to explore, use and play with. Recently I have tried to think of ways to take our artwork outside into our outdoor area. We have been talking about ourselves and exploring shapes so I thought I could incorporate both topics and make a class outdoor bunting.

I collected some inexpensive plastic folders and cut them into large triangles. Each child chose a colour and drew a picture of themselves with a permanent marker. I then punched holes in the top and we worked out a colour pattern and tied them onto the rope. 
We hung the bunting outside between two poles but it would have looked just as cute hanging from the tree or along the fence. The bunting adds a splash of colour to the outdoor area and can withstand any weather. We love watching it blow in the breeze. 

With the leftovers I made a smaller "counting bunting" for the children to use at the wonder table inside. The children were encouraged to peg the triangles in order from 1 to 20.

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