Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dinosaur Tails

Last week we used foam shapes to print with fabric paint on calico to create dinosaur tails.We had been discussing shapes and thought that printing with shapes could make some very interesting patterns for our dinosaur tails. Some children printed with their favourite shapes or favourite colours, while others liked overlapping the shapes and some just did random patterns- all of the patterns looked amazing!

(Only I went home with fabric paint on my clothes which is quite a feat when working with 3 year olds.)
I ironed the fabric to heat set the paint so that it would be permanent and could be washed.

I asked a lovely mother if she would bring her sewing machine in to the class to sew the tails while the children watched her.This in itself was a fabulous learning experience.

Once she had sewn up the dinosaur tails the children filled their tails with toy filler. What 3 year old wants to fill their tail with toy filler when you can throw the filling? ( The toy filler looks just like SNOW and perfect to throw........ Everywhere !! )

Finally (after cleaning up all of the toy filler) we sewed elastic around their waist. The children put them on and they LOVED them.

Tomorrow we are going to wear our tails and sing our favourite dinosaur song for all the parents.


  1. What a fun activity for the kids. Not only wearing them, but getting to help make them too! Great idea!

  2. What a fun idea! That looks so neat! Thanks for sharing!

    I found your post at the Family Fun Friday.


  3. These are lovely. I am very lucky that my friend made me a dinosaur tail I love dinosaurs