Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas on Tuesday

Merry Christmas!!!

Continuing with our theme of paper decorations we made some quick and inexpensive Christmas decorations for our table and outdoor area.

I bought a large roll of brown recycled paper, from the supermarket, which we used to make these decorations for our outdoor area. These made lovely displays, hanging at different heights from our umbrella.

My kids and I cut out flying reindeer using different types of beautiful wrapping paper. We then tied bows around their necks, glued twigs for antlers and displayed them in various jars filled with red tulle. These took us a while to make but were well worth it.

Reindeer noses as take-home goody bags. My son drew the faces which are soo cute!
We covered wooden pegs with tape  for the goody bags and to attach out gift tags to the presents.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday @ Home

With the teaching year over, I can now concentrate on doing Christmas cooking and activities with my own children. So far, we spent Sunday wrapping hampers for families less fortunate than our own and had a cast of 20 family members to do the annual Christmas Cooking! Every year as a family,we discuss our Christmas theme for decorating the tree, the house and the Christmas table for our lunch. This year I had a brilliant idea of black and white spots, which got the thumbs down instantly. After numerous discussions we came up with red and white paper decorations. See what you think...

We started making red flowers for the wreath but changed to white doilies instead. We all made flowers out of different sized doilies and were as creative as we could be. (It didn't matter what they looked like)

Not a great photo, but we put battery operated lights through the cardboard so they shone through the flowers.

Some of our Christmas cooking:

Having fun decorating and eating the ginger bread creations.

I can't believe next Tuesday is Christmas, enjoy your week!

Monday, 10 December 2012

The Last Tuesday @ School

The presents are wrapped!

After weeks of productive crafting the children have made presents for their parents, cards (which are soo cute) and even wrapped them in beautiful hand-made paper.

Santa's washing has been counted and hung out to dry

The children loved doing Santa's washing, which included the fine motor skill of pegging and numerous maths skills like counting, identifying numbers and matching colours and patterns. Not to mention, promoting some very creative and imaginative play.

Christmas jewellery being created to wear on the 'Big Day' 

Green and red trees, patty cases and straws were the precious jewels used to create individual pieces of Christmas jewellery.

Only one Tuesday till Christmas left! 
Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

2 Tuesdays till Christmas

Wow, what a Tuesday!

Making and decorating Christmas trees on the light table. This could be adapted and used on any table by making cardboard trees and using buttons, pom-poms or stickers. I encouraged the children to count, use colour names and make patterns.

At 8 o'clock on Monday night I asked my husband to nip to the garage and shape two old bits of wood into Mary and Joseph. I really wanted a large nativity set that we could put in the block area. After an hour of sweating he came up with two lovely shapes that I then had to paint. Due to the time constraints these are no works of art but the kids love them!

An interesting arrangement of materials on the playdough table. I got the children to think about what they could make with the materials below, look at what they came up with. 

Some very interesting reindeer!

See you next Tuesday...