Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas on Tuesday

Merry Christmas!!!

Continuing with our theme of paper decorations we made some quick and inexpensive Christmas decorations for our table and outdoor area.

I bought a large roll of brown recycled paper, from the supermarket, which we used to make these decorations for our outdoor area. These made lovely displays, hanging at different heights from our umbrella.

My kids and I cut out flying reindeer using different types of beautiful wrapping paper. We then tied bows around their necks, glued twigs for antlers and displayed them in various jars filled with red tulle. These took us a while to make but were well worth it.

Reindeer noses as take-home goody bags. My son drew the faces which are soo cute!
We covered wooden pegs with tape  for the goody bags and to attach out gift tags to the presents.

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