Monday, 4 July 2016

Outdoor Fairy Garden

We are on holidays in Perth at the moment and enjoying some beautiful weather. Actually we don't have many days that stop outdoor play- possibly only the midday heat in Summer. This got me thinking that I would share a project that I made in one of my school holidays that has been loved by all. This Fairy garden has been an amazing addition to our outdoor area. The children eat lunch at the table, they create, cook (mud creations) play, chat, move, plan and have fun in this area.

Over the years we have made various fairy gardens for the children to play in or with in our playground and inside the classroom. Mostly, we have used fairy sized things and they get lost!!! 
When planning our playground, we had to take into consideration that we have three classes of children using it, who range in ages and abilities.  We need to have equipment that caters for the children's needs, interests and ages and we try to incorporate loose parts that are versatile.

Here is a fairy garden that is kid size, versatile, robust, interesting and easy and inexpensive to make.

We started with some tree cookie stumps for fairy seats.

An old electrical cable for a fairy table.

A little red and white paint.

A cute little fairy garden for all to enjoy!!

Happy holidays!!

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