Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Playdough Christmas Mats

I can't believe we are already singing Christmas carols, making presents and cards and getting in the Christmas spirit at school already!!!
Here is a super easy Christmas activity that will keep your young children busy and happy while they develop skills and learn through play.

Christmas Tree Playdough Mats

I cut out and laminated some simple tree shapes for the playdough table and added some little coloured decorations and glitter. You could add sequins, buttons, tinsel....really anything but my class loved this combination.

Make one batch of playdough, divide it into balls and make multiple colours. (That is if you don't mind your children mixing the colours- because they definitely will!)

Let your children get to work rolling, squashing, creating and decorating their trees.

Playdough is such a wonderful activity as it has so many learning opportunities but what is really fabulous is that children just LOVE playing with it.
Make some Christmas Trees for your children..

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