Monday, 16 November 2015

Block Area Challenge Cards

A while back, I wrote about adding loose parts to the block area to stimulate imaginative play. 

This term I made some block area challenge cards for the children to use in the block area. These cards can be as challenging or as simple as you like, depending on the age and ability of your class. They also provide a great starting point for your children's own creative block constructions.

We don't have a huge variety of blocks in our block shelf so I included some lovely natural loose parts from the wonder table.

I laid out block constructions that I thought the children could make. I photographed them, printed them and then laminated them for durability. 
Some samples....

Laminated cards ready for the children to use...

Here are some examples of how I incorporated the numbers 1-10 in the block cards also.

You don't have to use wooden blocks, you could use Duplo or any construction materials you have. Make some cards and challenge your kids !!

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