Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wallpaper Prints

I recently visited a fabulous wallpaper shop as I was thinking about wallpapering my bedroom. When I was there, I saw amazing samples and asked if I could take some to use at school. They happily gave me many samples and I thought I would share one idea that was particularly easy to do. 
These wallpaper prints are so effective and could be used to make wrapping paper, cards, pictures....etc.

Wallpaper Samples
These are just some of the samples I was given.

I have used these wallpaper samples for collage, drawing and colouring. 
As many of my samples have raised prints and are very durable, I decided to do some prints with my class.

Wallpaper Prints

You will need a roller, a tray and some paint.

I chose gold paint because I thought it matched the wallpaper design beautifully.

Get the children to roll the paint all over the wallpaper.

Lay the wallpaper on clean paper and get the children to rub the paper gently.

Lift the wallpaper to reveal your print.

I think it is lovely, don't you?
Check out your local wallpaper or decorating shop and see if they would be happy to give you some samples and see what you can do with them.


  1. Love this idea! These would look great framed! I will be featuring your post over at the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop on Monday! Thx for sharing.

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