Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pebbles and Play

I love the challenge of trying to incorporate natural elements into every area of the classroom.
I particularly love beautiful pebbles and have used them in many different ways. Sometimes I have very specific objectives (as you will see) and other times I encourage the children to explore, discover, imagine and create whatever they like.

Here are a few ideas of ways I have used pebbles in play:

Block Play

Maths - Counting Pebbles

Matching Patterns and Finding Pairs

Light Table - Making Patterns and Pictures

Art and Craft - Painting on Pebbles

Creating Stories with Picture Pebbles

Outdoor Play

Pebbles in Playdough

Classifying Rough and Smooth

Small World Play.....Dinosaurs


......Fairies - add a bit of glitter to you pebbles.

.......Pirates and Mermaids

I hope I have inspired you to incorporate some pebbles into your child's play.

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