Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Outdoor Christmas Fun!

Here in Australia we have just broken up from school for our Summer holidays. The weather is perfect and we are enjoying the outdoors. This activity was great fun and covered numerous learning areas...sorting according to colour and number, counting and number recognition and it was a good fine motor activity.

If it is too cold where you are living to play outside you could make this into a fun bath time activity.

Cut out Christmas tree shapes. I used old plastic file dividers in 3 colours- red, green and yellow.

Write the numbers 1-5 or 1-10 depending on your child's age.

I bought these water spray bottles at IKEA for $1 each and they happened to be the colours I wanted.

I put the Christmas tree shapes and the water bottles in the water trolley.

The children pegged the trees to the clothes line, in order from 1-5 or randomly. They identified the numbers as they pegged them on the line and then squirted the numbers in order. They loved aiming at their favourite number and squirting it.

It was a great activity to teach and reinforce numbers and it was a fun outdoor Christmas activity.

See you next Tuesday

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