Tuesday 9 December 2014

Handprint Tea Towels

Printed Tea Towel
This is a gift that the children can make for their parents for Christmas that is easy to make and a lovely keepsake.
I have done tea towels before, however this is the first time I have done a hand print Christmas tree.
As most of my class are 3 years old, they have pretty small hands so I had to do something that required multiple prints to be effective.
Each child knew they needed 6 hand prints to make the tree and enjoyed counting along.

We started with one hand print in the middle of the bottom row and then built up around it.

Once the hand prints were done, the children printed a base for the tree and a star on top.

When using fabric paint, you need to heat set the paint by ironing it once it is dry. (I always put a scrap of material over the artwork so nothing comes off on my iron.)

Wrapping Paper
The children used circle foam printing sticks and red and gold paint to create their wrapping paper.

When it came to wrapping, we tried to wrap the tea towel so it resembled a Christmas cracker. Finally, we wrapped the cracker in some clear cellophane and attached some ribbon.

I think the parents will love their gifts.

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