Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sensory Playdough

We all know how wonderful playdough is and that it has so many benefits for children. I use playdough every week in the classroom and it is always a favourite activity. As I use it each week and have a different focus, I add and change the utensils and equipment and the way I present it to the children.
I also change the colours, scents, quantities and the sensory components.

Here are a few household items I have added to the playdough to change the sensory experience. 

I was creating a bread shop for the children to explore and they loved sprinkling the seeds on the top of the playdough bread.

I had lots of sprinkles left from my daughter's ice-cream party so I let the children make cakes and ice-creams out of playdough.

I put out a selection of brown beans and pasta for 'Brown Day' and added a shaker of cocoa to further enhance the sensory experience. A very messy activity!!

Rice and little measuring spoons provided hours of fine motor and sensory exploration.

The children mixed some sand from the sand pit into plain playdough as we were recreating the beach.

Add glitter in shakers to create beautiful sparkling playdough.

Of course when I add small things like beans to the play situation, I always supervise very closely to ensure the children use the materials carefully and safely. There is always a risk that a small child may try to eat or put a small bean in their nose or ear.
These are all fun ideas and all of them add an extra element to enhance the learning benefits at the playdough table.
Try some yourself and have fun!

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  1. I really like how you use the bottom of (soda?) bottles to hold the spoons and materials. We love to upcycle in our house :-)