Tuesday 24 June 2014

5 Minute Playdough Number Activity

I recently had my daughters party at home which had an ice-cream bar for dessert. Instead of using all of my good white tablecloths I bought $2 white plastic table clothes to cover the tables. I couldn't bear to throw them out and had lots of ideas of how to recycle them at school. Here is a fun 5 minute activity that the children loved.

I taped the table cloth to the table so it didn't move around. As I teach 3 year olds, I am focusing on the numbers 1-10 at the moment. This activity covers the numbers 1-6 as there are 6 seats at the table. I quickly drew 6 circles to represent faces at each chair. I wrote the numbers 1-6 next to each circle.

1. One Mouth

2.Two Eyes

3. Three Hair Clips

4. Four Freckles

5. Five Teeth

6. Six Eye Lashes

The children were encouraged to sit at a face they liked. They then identified the number at their setting and described what they could see and what was missing on their face. They used basic playdough utensils to create faces.

The children moved around and made different faces and it kept them busy for a long time. This was a very simple number activity that can be personalised, added to and used again and again.

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