Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Plastic Cup Bells

Last week we tried making some bells out of plastic cups to hang outside. We tried three types of plastic cups. One type worked beautifully and the other two were complete failures. One brand of cup melted until the cup was completely flat. Our first attempts weren't that good because we used any brand of permanent marker that we had and discovered that after they had melted in the oven, some types of markers scratched off. The Sharpie markers worked the best.

We decorated the cups with whatever inspired us - shapes, drawings and patterns. We put them on baking paper and baked them in the oven for 7 minutes on 150C

I think they are really beautiful and I LOVE that they are wonky and individual. My daughter on the other hand was a little disappointed with the shapes.

After baking the cups in the oven we threaded string through them and added bottle tops and beads so they looked like real bells.

I just love the way the sun shines through them!

This was the cup that didn't work at all unless you wanted to make a pendant for a necklace as it is completely flat.

This was the brand that worked beautifully.

Good luck making your bells!

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