Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Newspaper Basket

I finally got around to putting some photos on Instagram now that I am on holidays and could spend hours looking at everybody's photos. Move over Candy Crush and hello Instagram!! Follow me @anideaontuesday

Last holidays my daughter and I made some cute crocheted baskets and when I saw you could make baskets out of newspaper (The Original Thread) I thought we could try this as our holiday project.

We cut the newspaper into 7cm strips and rolled them using a skewer (Don't roll too tightly or you can't pull the skewer out!) and secure the end with a dab of glue.

Begin with this formation:

You weave around going over and under the base, which is quite tricky in the beginning. I helped my daughter with the hot glue gun in spots so it didn't all unravel. Spread apart the base pieces and continue weaving, trying to keep it tight.

Continue until you have the size and shape you are happy with. One set of instructions I read, fed thin wire through the paper rolls in the beginning and in hindsight would have been a lot easier to mould and shape.

We painted the inside of our basket black and used it to hold a candle.


  1. Thanks for linking up this great craft on Artsy Play Wednesday!

  2. Awesome material to learn to basket weave! I love the way it turned out. Thanks for linking up at Mom's Library!