Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Funky Frames

Making funky frames at home.

Today we scrounged around the house to find some wooden frames that we could paint and display some of our artwork and photos.

These are two of the frames that were in desperate need of some creative intervention.

We started by painting the frames black.

This was a mini canvas that was needing to be painted over. I found a great drawing that my son had done of a pirate ship. I first painted a rough black boarder and let it dry. I traced the picture using carbon paper.

And voila!

I love using just black and white because it is soo striking and together the frames have a bold presence. 

I love the result and only for a few hours work!

Making funky frames at school.

I filled old sauce bottle with equal amounts of paint and PVA glue.

Mix them up thoroughly.

And squeeze...

And squeeze...

And squeeze...

When these are dry they have a fabulous shiny finish. I took photos of all the children in my class and displayed on a wall which attracts a lot of attention and stimulates plenty of conversation.

Drag out some old photo frames or make some out of cardboard and enjoy displaying your children's photos and artwork.


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  2. Love these! Pinning them for gift ideas.

  3. Looks great! Such a neat way to show off the kids art. Thanks for linking up at Artsy Play Wednesday, your post has been pinned to our group board.

  4. Awesome frames. Your wall looks great with all the various frames hanging! Hope you stop by again today! Eco-Kids Tuesday!!