Monday, 17 October 2016

Peg Friends

I first made these little peg people with my class at the start of the year so I used very simple collage, suitable for three year olds.

If you are making them at home you can personalise your people, accessories and house. You could even make pets or animal friends. This activity has many wonderful learning opportunities from developing fine motor skills, language skills, counting, problem solving.... the list goes on!!

The children glued a head to the body, added some clothes and drew on a face.

Next we put them through the laminator for durability.

The children counted their peg arms and legs.

We helped them complete their little people by adding some hair, ribbons and they coloured some shoes.

They played with them in the block area....

Made beds for them.....

I think they are pretty cute and they children absolutely loved them.
Keep this activity in mind when you are looking for simple- start of the year activities with your little ones.

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  1. Pretty cool peg friends with toddlers in the classroom! My toddler also loves such fun activities. Actually I am homeschooling him and experiment with different methods to teach him. In this entire homeschooling journey is helping me to the extreme levels.