Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Playdough Birds

I was at the Library today getting some books to use at school when I saw a pile of beautiful bark that had blown off the tree in the recent storms we have had. I couldn't help but collect a pile for later use and remembered another time I had collected a big pile of bark. 
This is how I used the bark last time....

Place numbers on the bark.

Collect some leaves and encourage the children to draw patterns on them.

Help the children make some birds out of playdough. Roll a large ball for the body, a small ball for the head, pinch a beak and push a pen or similar to make some eyes.

Use the leaves as feathers and push them into the playdough birds.

Ask the children to identify the numbers on the bark and count the correct number of feathers.

This is a very inexpensive activity and has many educational benefits from fine motor skills through to several maths concepts. I love it because I think it is so important for children to appreciate the beauty in nature and that you can use resources that are in your backyard.
I have an idea of how to use my new collection of bark.... I'll share when I use it.

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